We offer modern solutions based on renewables for your commercial or residential building to cover electricity and heating/cooling needs. Our solutions are based on PVs, heat pumps, advanced control, and other technologies, according to your requirements for reducing the energy costs.


More than a third of the input energy of any industry is finally wasted and usually dissipated to the environment. Why not exploit this waste and turn it into useful heat or electricity for enhancing energy efficiency and reducing the running costs?


With over 100,000 ships for international shipping and thousands more for domestic and other types, the fuel consumption and energy efficiency in vessels is a critical issue. We can bring the latest technology in your vessel for exploiting the waste heat and turn it into useful heat or electricity.

About us The company

Location and infrastructure

RICREATION is a R&D SME and is hosted in the Technology Park “Lefkippos” in the campus of the National Center for Scientific Research “Demokritos”, with direct access to the Centre’s Research Infrastructures, and services relevant to technology transfer, IP management, project development, and networking.

Sustainable solutions

RICREATION develops new energy technologies based on renewable-energy sources and waste heat exploitation. It aims on bringing these sustainable solutions to the market through its attractive business models. We work together with our clients to achieve significant energy savings with a “win-win” approach.


RICREATION offers specialised services to companies and research organizations in the fields of renewables, heat pumps, waste heat recovery applications, and decentralised energy production. It combines research with a business oriented approach, being the connecting link of companies and research organisations. One of its core aims is to work together with innovative companies and provide its scientific expertise for developing new and improved products.

Extensive experience on R&D services

We are highly involved in R&D activities for developing advanced energy solutions since 2006. Our goal is to exploit these and bring them to the market.

Specialized services for product development

We provide innovation and consulting services to our clients for improving their products and expanding their applications.

Business development

We create custom-made energy solutions for your business case/industry, and apply our fresh business model.

People Behind RICREATION The Team

RICREATION has been created by two enthusiastic founders, committed to developing new technologies and business models. This collaboration of an engineer with a business developer brings an added value to the company and its activities.

What Makes Us Special Services

Trusted Expertise

RICREATION brings in the expertise of its founders and colleagues with experience of over 13 years in different projects, within the framework of various funding schemes starting from FP6 up until H2020 (EU-funded), national funds, and commercial projects. We know research and one of our aims is to bring the results to the market and finally to the society.

Consulting Services

Our services include research and consulting services on developing new concepts and technologies, feasibility studies of innovative products, supported by the business team of the company, techno-economic studies for better understanding the potential of different technologies, as well as simulation and design of energy systems, using advanced computational algorithms.

COMPANY'S NEWS Technologies and sectors

We are highly involved in the building, industrial, and marine sectors, with the following core technologies of interest:

Heat pumps

Heat pumps for either domestic or industrial use. The latter concerns high-temperature heat pumps, for upgrading the waste heat and converting it into useful heat.

Solar applications

Solar applications, including PV, PV/thermal, concentrating PV/thermal, and solar thermal collectors of various types for electricity and heat production.

Heat-to-power conversion

Heat-to-power conversion with the use of organic Rankine cycle (ORC), exploiting heat sources with a temperature of even lower 100 oC.

Energy efficiency

Combination of all technologies in buildings, industry and the marine sector for reaching higher energy efficiency and reducing energy costs.

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Tech Park "Lefkippos"
Patriarchou Grigoriou & Neapoleos 27
Agia Paraskevi

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